For some reason, I made this post several years ago and never published it. Maybe it was because I couldn’t remember much of anything about them. So, while I get some more content ready (it’s coming, it really is!), enjoy this sandwich that I’ve eaten … a long long time ago.

I went to the 5th Avenue Deli on Rosewood over a year ago and got a sandwich with Jane. I’m pretty sure I got something with roast beef and maybe roasted red peppers. I feel like cream cheese was also involved. I remember it being good or at the very least, not bad. Honestly though, I can’t remember a lot about the sandwich. I really can’t remember Jane’s sandwich, though here are a few pictures of them.


Here is Jane and her sandwich. Looks like there is turkey involved.

For some reason I was into photographing Jane’s sandwich more than mine.

Here’s my sandwich. Yep, there’s beef involved.

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  • Elizabeth Ogorek

    SIE!! Back and better than ever!

    • aadams

      Hahaha, I just saw that you commented on this. SIE is back!! Ready to take the world by storm!