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SIE : Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit by ME

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Sometimes you make a killer sandwich and you just gotta talk about it. And take a picture. Otherwise, it didn’t happen. One day I was hungry (ok, everyday I’m hungry), but I was wondering what I had around the house that I could just throw together. Well, I had bacon, I had eggs, and I had cheese. I was thinking breakfast for dinner. Then I remembered that I still had some biscuits. Yes, I’ll admit that I didn’t make this biscuit from scratch because I didn’t have to. Pro tip:…read more

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Food Kits

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A couple of years ago I learned how to make camp stoves out of aluminum cans. I thought that they would be useful in case the zombie apocalypse becomes a real thing. From that I got the idea to make a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Food Kit. Then I gave them out as Christmas gifts. They received a pretty good response and my neighbor even said that it was quite the conversation piece at her Christmas gatherings. Here’s a filled, closed box. I made use of the mounting spray that I…read more

Sandwiches I’ve Eaten: Classic BBQ from Southern Belly

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I went out to Southern Belly with some friends one Sunday afternoon and was craving the simple life that day. Buttered Texas Toast, smoked meat, and one of Southern Belly’s unique sauces is really all that you need. Have I mentioned how much I love BBQ?

New Beginnings Part 2

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I said that I was going to post a part 2, so I’m making good on my promise. As I write this, I really want cake. But it’s getting late and I’m trying not to eat late, especially eat cake late. 2016 is now well underway and March has just popped up. We got the church Web site launched and have gotten into a nice sync with social media and marketing. That site was one of the tightest deadlines I’ve ever worked under, but I delivered on time. Then we…read more