I started this post about this sandwich a while back, but forgot to ever finish it. My friend Kerry messaged our group about getting together for lunch since we all hadn’t gotten together in a while. I also had a feeling that something was up. I was right, but more on that later. The squad chose Garden Bistro and I went with the Smashed Cuban, which is ham, roast beef, swiss, pickles & sweet mustard on Texas Toast. It was a solid lunch choice and I gobbled it up, along with my Sun Chips. Out main reason for gathering though, was for Kerry to tell us that she was pregnant! That’s why this sandwich is so memorable to me. I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that that was so long ago that the baby has been born haha. Mom, baby, and dad seem to be good though! So, hooray for Cuban sandwiches and hooray for new squishy babies!