Hey! I’m April Adams. Maybe to be more specific, I’m April Nicole Adams. I normally don’t go by April Nicole Adams though … unless I’m in trouble with my mom. Three names means “you better go find something to pad your butt before they find you” kind of trouble. This site is called aprilnicoleadams.com, honestly, because apriladams.com was taken. And it is a porn site. Trust me on this and don’t go there unless you want to have to bleach the inside of your computer. Maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe it is. At the first sign of something sketchy, I got out of there, so I didn’t explore that much. Maybe you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe you were looking for porn star April Adams and ended up here. (Sorry if you’re disappointed). About the best I can offer is I can show you how to make the crease at your elbow when you bend your arm look like a butt crack if you take a picture of it the right way. It’s always fun to take those on other people’s cameras without them knowing. It leaves a nice surprise when they start looking through their photos. It’s even nicer when their mothers are looking through their photos with them. Teehee.

Anyway, I don’t know if this “About” page really tells you much about me or the Web site. Maybe it tells more than what needed to be known. I don’t know. I don’t really know when to shut up sometimes.

Oh, it might help to read the introduction post here if you want to know more about the origins of this site.