It’s been cold and rainy for the past few days (though not rainy today; I haven’t been outside so I don’t know about cold), so I thought I’d post this awesome, hearty, perfect for cold, rainy weather soup I made not long ago. You can find the recipe here:

potato soup in a pot

Because of my strong belief that bacon makes everything better, I added some bacon and even used a little bit of the grease to sautee the leeks. Bacon flavored leeks … how can that not be awesome? I also added some chicken broth to my vegetable stock since I didn’t have enough vegetable stock to go all the way. Vegetable stock isn’t popular in these parts, so I was only able to find one sized container that wasn’t quite enough, but buying two would have given me way too much that would have gone to waste. The cool thing about this soup is that it can be completely vegetarian or more carnivorous (like I like it). Either way, it’s a great comfort soup for those Spring days that feel more like winter.

potato soup in a bowl

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  • Spiderman

    This soup looks yummy. Good call on the bacon. Not so sure about the kale though. It beats the webbing out of me why you Southerners insist on eating a garnish. Neilio made me some kale once which was tasty, but if you put balsamic vinegar on anything I’m bound to like it.

  • April Adams

    It was good and I even tried Chef Neilio’s suggestion with the vinegar for my leftover kale. As far as the use of kale in the soup being a Southern thing, might I point out that the recipe was provided by a New Yorker. Her blog is called “Not Eating Out in New York.” I don’t think I had ever had kale until I decided to try out this recipe. No matter, just look at it this way, the kale gives you some extra nutrients and gives you a little extra fiber 😉

    • Janessa

      What a joy to find such clear thniknig. Thanks for posting!