Last Sunday night, Danielle was passing through Columbia and stopped by my house before heading back to that other school in the upstate. Danielle was one of the first students I met at BCM when I started working there and I’ve sort of adopted her as my little sister. When she got to the house, she wanted to go back to my room to talk in private about something serious. In the process of talking out this issue, her gaze moves to my stomach and she reaches over and pokes it, giving me this look that says, “gained some weight, have we?” and then proceeds to giggle. As I glare at her and contemplate moving to sit on her just like I used to do to my younger brother Michael when we were children, she starts apologizing, but totally doesn’t mean it.

Then, she starts talking to me about this blog and says, “How’s that whole creating something new each week going for ya?” and starts busting my chops over that. Moral of the story, as long as my “little sister” Danielle is around, I’ll probably never develop too much of an inflated ego. This little vignette of my Sunday evening is also to lead in to talking about those new creations.

It’s true that once Spring semester started almost two weeks ago that it has become difficult to stay on top of things once again. The week is usually over before I can realize what day it is. However, I have been working on forming better boundaries and feel like I’m moving in the right direction. I’ve caught up on a decent amount of freelance work and did learn and make something new there, but it involves online forms and some back end work, and that’s not too interesting for most people, so we won’t count it.

So, I will cheat a little bit and talk about something more interesting that I’ve been working on with some students at BCM. I love working with our Missions Fundraising Team because they are one of the most organized and passionate teams in the ministry. Whenever they plan something, it is usually executed well. We’ve been putting together an event that will be happening tonight called the Acoustic Cafe. I’ve been booking and communicating with some of our musicians, promoting the event on social media and face to face, and consulting the team on room design and coffee choices. I’ve also gotten to work with Sarah, who heads up the Communications Team, which is always fun. Sarah created this graphic to use in our promo material.

acousticcafeThen, I had to take the design and work it to fit our Web site. The dimensions for the features slider are quite different than print pieces and it often takes some adjusting. Here’s a screen shot of the promo on the homepage of the BCM Web site.


Then I found some videos of some of our featured artists online and put them into the information page so visitors could get familiar with the artists. To view that, go here.

After all of the prep work and promotion, tonight is the big night. Several students have put forth efforts with this event and more will be involved tonight, not to mention our generous volunteer performers. We’re going to see how it all comes together. I plan to take pictures and hopefully get some video too, and as long as things don’t get too crazy, I’ll document some live on Instagram. Oh, and if you happen to be in Columbia or the surrounding areas, come by the BCM tonight at 7:30 and see the show yourself!