I never really liked the last layout for this site. I tried to like it, but I felt limited with it. This time around, I decided to take my time. I wanted to work out something where I could really organize my thoughts and work. I’ve wanted to be able to incorporate and explore more types of media, and do that in a clean way.

So, here it is. Instead of the home page going straight to the blog, it’s now more of an actual home page that gets you to different kinds of content. I feel like this is more organized, fun, and allows me to do more.

While this site is still a place for me to jot down random thoughts, post projects, and experiment, I tried to think of three main areas where I tend to focus. That’s food, faith, and art/design/production. They’re not new focuses, really, they’re just now stated focuses. I’ve learned that defining a focus isn’t confining as much as it helps you figure out where you’re going.

My hope is that I have the opportunity now to create more content here. I’ve said that plenty of times before, I know. I tend to get distracted and I hated the last layout, which made it even more difficult. I feel like I’m finally in a place where I’m finding a rhythm and I’m far less tired/exhausted. I’m also terrified saying that because I worry that once I feel that way, something will come along and derail me. So, let me not jinx things.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope that sometimes along the way that I can create some fun distractions for you. Welcome or welcome back to my world. There’s coffee in the pot and snacks on the counter. Make yourself at home.

PS: I used a picture of this pier as the “featured image” 1) because I needed an image. 2) I took this photo months before this pier was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. If you go there now, you’ll just see a partial pier with some posts sticking up out of the water. 3) The ocean is always new and making things new … for better or worse, just like that pier.