Merry belated Christmas, everyone! I hope that you had a good one full of love, peace, and good people. I look back on yesterday with a grateful heart. God’s gift to the world, Himself as Jesus, was enough to be thankful and celebrate. It’s the gift that brings that love and peace and good people. It’s the gift that manifests itself each day in my life, providing new perspectives and new challenges. All of that is enough, but I have the good fortune of being given even more. In this post, I want to talk about (or really show you) the icing on the cake, which is my awesome family and friends who chose to hang out together and some of the wacky presents I received … mostly the wacky presents I received.

Let me note that most of what I took pictures of was the weird stuff, which I love. I’ve also been receiving my Christmas gifts throughout the year in the form of back yard renovations, which will hopefully turn my yard into a nice little oasis getaway. I’ve gotten a pergola, some awesome chairs, an outdoor dining set, and hopefully, weather permitting, the concrete guys will be able to come by and finally pour the concrete for various sections of the yard. I’m excited for it to be done so I can have folks (you guys!) over to enjoy it.

Even though I’ve gotten lots of cool yard things, I was also given some funky things. Let me show you.

This is a SheWee. It allows you (if you are a female) to pee standing up. This helps you avoid camping awkwardness and gross bathrooms. My mother said since I do so much camping (she was being facetious), it would be perfect for me. I’ve yet to test it out.

5 LB Gummy Bear!! My little brother from another mother, Fangyang knows that I have an affinity for oversized candies, so he gave me this. This is perfect for the April Adams “Fun Size” collection.

Apparently my love for bacon is a little too well known. I received these bacon bowls from two individuals, independently of each other. Not a problem though! Now I can make double the bacon bowls in half the time!

I received this desk sized leg lamp on Christmas Eve. In case you’re a horrible person and don’t know the reference, it is from the movie, A Christmas Story, which is always aired for 24 hours on Christmas Eve. I always make my family watch it, and my mom usually hates it. This year though, she seemed more interested in watching the movie. While it was going on, she said, “There’s a present that you have to open tonight.” Then, as the scene where the “FRAGILE” box arrived at Ralphie’s house, my mom handed me my present. I felt the same excitement that Ralphie’s dad felt as I unwrapped my “major award.” There’s nothing like a mother’s love. 🙂

The tragic scene where Ralphie’s mom breaks the leg lamp. “You did this on PURPOSE!”

I also got to hang out with Lilly the cat. Holidays stress her out.

I made Lilly take a selfie.

This is my granddaddy. I made him take a selfie too. I’ve been getting that look since the day I was born.

And then this couch of folks is pretty great. I’m grateful for another year with the grandparents, for brothers like Michael and Fangyang, and for getting to catch up with our friend Behnam, who was visiting from Indianapolis.

So, needless to say, it was a great day. There are many more snapshots in my head with many more people and awesome things, however, I’m probably more interested in them than you are and they’re stuck in my head, not my phone/camera. So, I pray that you continue to have a good winter break (hopefully you’re getting a break) and a Happy New Year!