Sometimes you make a killer sandwich and you just gotta talk about it. And take a picture. Otherwise, it didn’t happen. One day I was hungry (ok, everyday I’m hungry), but I was wondering what I had around the house that I could just throw together. Well, I had bacon, I had eggs, and I had cheese. I was thinking breakfast for dinner. Then I remembered that I still had some biscuits. Yes, I’ll admit that I didn’t make this biscuit from scratch because I didn’t have to. Pro tip: go to the Ole Timey Meat Market and pick up a bag of these frozen biscuits. They taste like homemade and all you do is lay them out frozen on a baking sheet and heat them for about 12 minutes. Super easy.

I baked one of those biscuits, scrambled the eggs and used some of my homemade Sirracha salt to give it a bit of a smokey flavor, fried that bacon, and placed some cheese on top. Below is the delicious result. Man, that was one good breakfast for dinner sandwich!