Per my usual, I’ve fallen behind. My ambition outweighs my ability and time. However, the students are now on Spring break, so I get somewhat of a Spring break myself. Not a full break, but a break from the norm and maybe more time to pursue a few other things. I know that I was going to make something new each week. Well, I’ve made things, not sure if it has been each week, and a lot of them have been work projects. Looking back over the past couple of months though, I’ve noticed that the things that have mattered most to me have been the people that I’ve interacted with. Life has been full with familiar faces and new, growing relationships and those I wished I had more time for. I went through my phone and looked at some of the pictures that I’ve taken recently and thought, “I have a pretty awesome life.” There were a few bittersweet goodbyes, a reunion with a recent BCM alumna, a celebration¬†of a new life, a trip to the Charleston Aquarium with my fellow Sunday School leaders, meals with dear ones, collegiate conferences, worship services, and just goofing off. Below are some of those highlights if you care to peruse.